--------- Details of Foreign Fund Received in Quarter by MJVS 2015 - 2016 updated on website ------
Our Board Members
1. PRESIDENT Mr. Badrinarayan Naradia M. Mr. Badrinarayan Naradia
2. VICE-PRESIDENT Mr. Dharamdas Singh M. Mr. Dharamdas Singh
3. SECRETARY Mr. Nirbhay Singh M. Mr. Nirbhay Singh
4. JOINT-SECRETARY Mr. Santosh Singh M. Mr. Santosh Singh
5. TREASURER Mr. Aneesh Kumar KK M. Mr. Aneesh Kumar KK
6. MEMBER Ms. Shobha Tiwari F. Ms. Shobha Tiwari
7. MEMBER Smt. Shushila Dexit F. Smt. Shushila Dexit
7. MEMBER M. Mr. Rajagopal PV
9. MEMBER M. Mr. Mohandas Nagwani
10. MEMBER F. Smt. Saroj Pande
11. MEMBER F. Ms. Kasturi Patel
12. MEMBER M. Mr. Karunanidhan Singh
13. MEMBER M. Mr. Tamma Gadari
iconAbout Us

Manav Jeevan Vikas Samiti is an Non Governement Organisation which got itself registered under Societies Registration Act, in November 2000 in Jabalpur Division.

iconMission & Vision

Our strategy is to have workers in every village who will help the organisation and to create SHGs in villages to make people Self Employed and to eradicate the various Social Evils from the Society

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